Trends and styles are important for eyewear.
However, the idea of eyewear is a little different for hookon.

시력을 교정하는 도구로서, 패션을 완성하는 스타일 아이템으로서
아이웨어는 다양한 디자인과 기술력이 발전하고 있는 분야입니다.
자신의 얼굴에 맞는 안경을 쓰는 즐거움, 매일매일 스타일에 따라 이미지를 달리할 수 있는 즐거움,
기호에 맞는 독특한 디자인을 수집하는 즐거움, 말하자면 안경을 포함한
아이웨어는 본연의 기능 뿐 아니라 다양한 즐거움을 선사하는 일상의 도구입니다.
사람마다 얼굴이 다르고, 선호하는 스타일이 다르고, 보정하고자 하는 시력이 다른만큼
세상엔 놀라울 정도로 다양한 아이웨어가 있습니다.
특별한 취향이 있지 않는 한, 전문점에서 안경을 고르는 일은
그래서 늘 약간은 곤혹스럽고 결정이 어려운 일이기도 합니다.
과감하고 유행을 선도하는 디자인, 혹은 눈에 띄고 화려한 디자인도 충분히 즐거운 경험이지만,
내가 미소지을 때 그 미소를 어색하지 않게 도와주고, 다른 이들에게 내가 표현하고픈 감정을 잘 전달하고,
쓰임새가 좋으면서도 쉽게 질리지 않는 안경을 원하는 사람들도 많습니다.
hookon의 철학은 바로 그 지점에서 출발합니다.

Eyewear is a 'tool of everyday life' that is always with me every day. I wear the glasses I choose to work, read, meet people, strode the park, sometimes hike, or do light exercises. Depending on these daily activities, I wear glasses or sunglasses that are suitable for certain situations, but I also wear my familiar glasses and perform various daily activities. hookon believes the eyewear as a 'tool of everyday life' can have more variety. It is a belief that adding functionality to familiarity and comfort to rationality can be used as a true tool for everyday life.

hookon was created based on the fundamental idea of eyewear and it was developed with many years of experience in manufacturing and exporting overseas.

Sungha Coach Co. Ltd. has long years of experience in manufacturing and exporting business.
hookon is developed based on the experience of Sungha Coach Co. Ltd.’s know-how of satisfying demanding clients
from different regions of the world such as,
for Europeans who favors practical designs and Japanese
who seek for the high quality, superiorly manufactured goods.
So, hookon decided to make its place a little bit different than the existing eyewear brands.
It is not just a place to show styles,
but it is a combinational headquarter of research and development, design and manufacture the product.
Within the manufacturing space, we have a showroom where you can get a glimpse of hookon's philosophy,
its designs and the latest research and development.
Also, the manufacturing place is connected in an organic way.
It is where sparks of new ideas are communicating, experimenting the ideas immediately,
and share various feedbacks to become better.
The hookon's design is currently in states of progress.
It is not a place to look at the presence,
but it is a place to look beyond the future and prepare for newly developed ideas.