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Familiarly different

Change that has started from the two split rings of Soltex glasses.
hookon’s new concept Soltex eyewear

Why Soltext glasses ring is the only one?

hookon questioned the structure of the ring of Soltext glasses.
Is the ring just a structure for design?
So, is that why all of Soltex's glasses are in one ring?

hookon started with this small question
and created a better Soltex glasses called, Jully.

We found that the lens can be indented by the spacing between two rings after splitting them
and even with the use of acetate ring, lens distortion caused by
shrinkage can be minimized as well.

Combined pros of the three kinds of materials

With two rings, and the surrounding metal frame holds them firmly as to not be detached.
There is no restriction in the thickness of the TOP and the BOTTOM, as well as the material.
The factor that causes deformation is minimized, and firmness is enhanced so reduce the need for after-sales service.

1. METAL FRAME - Special Stainless
Special stainless steel is used for the metal part.
It minimizes the occurrence of metal allergens that react to sensitive skin,
does not adopt a ring feldspar, and achieved light weight with high elasticity.

2. TOP - Aceteate
while it is most preferred as the material for eyewear for its gloss and color,
It tends to become loose after long period of wear.
JULLY highlights luxurious gloss and color that are the strong points of Acetate,
while minimizing lens distortion with its patent structure
and self-researched shrinkage rate by only controlling the spacing between the TOP and BOTTOM

3. BOTTOM - Tr 90
As the pressure from Acetate of TOP and Metal frame on the lens is distributed,
it prevents the lens angle tilting to one side after the deformed frame loses balance after long hours of wear and lens indention.

Various colors that are highlighted more in trend.

hookon pursues unique color and pattern design.
We wanted to break the prejudice that prescription glasses cannot follow the color trend.
We found the best unique colors of Hookon along with unique texture of each material.
It is more special than any other acetate glasses under natural light, yet
it is familiar enough to be part of your face. Only GRAB STRUCTURE FRAME can realize that ideal color design.            

Breath of freshness into the world of achromatic prescription glasses.

Suitable for everyone yet with its unique sense and class.
Moderation behind glamour, integration of technology and beauty
JULLY that not only satisfies color and function but also cares for your eye fatigue.
It prioritizes the users with poor sight in any circumstances.

hookon, always strive for the first.